Will Samsung Galaxy S5 come in a metal housing?

There are rumours that Samsung is working with certain metal manufacturing company to come out with their next generation Galaxy S5 smartphone. This has led to speculations that Samsung may be giving their flagship Galaxy S series a new look with the use of metal for the body of the S5.

Sources pointed out that Samsung is working with Catcher Technology which is based in Taiwan to provide Samsung Galaxy S5 with a metal housing. Many may not be aware of Catcher Technology, but Catcher is in fact also the manufacturer for housing of Apple's iPad mini as well as the New HTC One. If the negotiations are successful, Samsung Galaxy S5, which is slated to be launched in 2014 will have a metal housing instead of the usual plastic. They will also continue to use metal for their future flagship smartphones.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S 5 may use a new 64-bit Exynos processor.

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