AMD launches new Richland A10-6790K APU

Not sure why AMD decided to release a new A10 processor at this point of time, but they just launched the A10-6790K APU for the market. The A10-6970K APU has a base clock of 4.1GHz and a turbo core speed of 4.3GHz. This APU has an unlocked multiplier and can be easily overclocked with its CPU multiplier. This new APU is 100MHz slower than the current flagship A10-6800K APU.

On the graphics side, the A10-6790K features the same Radeon 8670D graphics processing unit which has 384 stream processors running at 844MHz. AMD said that the A10-6790 will be around 10USD cheaper than the A10-6800K CPU at 130USD.

A10-6790K utilizes the same FM2 socket and will be supported on all AMD A55, AMD A75, and AMD A85X chipset motherboards. It could make sense if you want to overclock this chip to the speeds of an A10-6800K and save 10USD for a day's meal.

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