Could SM-G910 be Samsung’s flexible display smartphone?

Samsung will be releasing a new flexible display smartphone later in this month. Coincidentally, there is a mysterious device named SM-G910 which was recently benchmarked on GFXBench and appeared on their results database. It has been rumoured that the SM-G910 is the model number for the new smartphone that is due to be launched.

Information on GFXBench stated that SM-G910 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor and Adreno 300 GPU package. From the "910" model number of the new smartphone, we can infer that this will considered a top of the line high end smartphone. Additionally, it is the first time model "G" appeared for Samsung smartphone products.

It’s all speculation and guesswork at this point, but we’ll sure be keeping an eye out for further appearances of the SM-G910.

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