Huawei showcases 3G SD Card at CEATEC 2013

Huawei has showcased a new piece of technology which they have created at this year's CEATEC event. Their new 3G SD card can pass SDIO standards for various devices to utilize high speeds internet connectivity via HSPA+ wireless technology. Most of the current mobile internet devices uses a USB dongle to connect the 3G SIM cards to the mobile data network, but as laptops and devices become thinner and smaller, it is difficult and ugly to incorporate a relatively large USB dongle just for internet connectivity. Therefore Huawei has decided to put the 3G USB dongle into a SD Card form factor. However, the computer's SD Card reader has to support SDIO.

The 3G SD Card uses a Nano SIM and there is no built in storage space. It is not designed for use like a Eye-Fi SD Card. Huawei is currently looking for partners and carriers to adopt this technology. It shouldn't be long before we can see the product on the market.

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