Motorola announces Project Ara. Modular smartphones are becoming a reality

Ever thought of DIYing your own smartphone? Motorola is planning to make this into a reality.

Motorola is working with the founder of PhoneBloks Dave Hakken on Project Ara. Project Ara is all about creation of a highly modular smartphone. This means that you can make your own decision of the choice of parts and hardware that will be on the phone. This makes the phone highly customized to your needs and price.

According to sources, the phone will be running on Android OS. Consumers will be able to mix and match its screen, processor, battery, camera and various sensors. It has also been said that they will be releasing developers with the "Module Developer's Kit" SDK for 3rd party manufacturers and developers to build on the platform.

Specific product information will come out in a few months time. We can discuss more on the project when more information on pricing and other product strategies are released.

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