Toshiba considers acquisition of OCZ Consumer SSD. Will be a win-win deal for both companies.

Previously, OCZ was troubled for the high failure rates of their SSD, insufficient supply of NAND chips and inability to submit their financial reports. These are some of the problems that have always been plagueing the company. Although the final financial report is already out, CEO Ralph Schmitt is still trying very hard to improve the situation. News from TweakTown suggests that Toshiba may be interested in acquisition of OCZ's consumer SSD business unit.

TweakTown believes that the deal will be beneficial to both companies. Toshiba will be able to get their hands on the latest BareFoot 3 technology which OCZ can use Toshiba's 19nm NAND flash memory chips. Toshiba is seriously considering the acquisition and we may hear news soon.

Sources also pointed out that last year, Seagate, Micron and other companies did have intentions to acquire OCZ, but they eventually pushed the idea away. Will the news of OCZ possibly getting acquired by Toshiba be another rumour? We'll have to wait and see.


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