Apple developing 5.5" Curved Display iPhone, to be equipped with pressure sensor

It has been established that Apple will be introducing iPhones of bigger screen size next year. However, news from Bloomberg indicates that Apple has been researching on curved display and enhanced pressure sensor.

According to sources, the iPhone in development consists of two sizes 4.7"and 5.5", with screen edges rounded downwards, and pressure sensors that detect variation in pressure, predicted to be launched in September next year. For now, it is unclear if the curved display technology refers to flexible display or merely the curvature of the screen, but it is confirmed that the new pressure sensor will not be available for the next generation of iPhone.

Apple's representative declined to respond, but it remains probable. Although Apple launched its groundbreaking Retina display, since then many other firms have surpassed Apple in terms of pixel density and screen size. Recently both Samsung and LG have each introduced their unique curved display phones, so Apple still has work to do in order to retain its attractiveness to consumers.

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