BBM Updates : Now available for Wi-Fi versions of iPad and iPod Touch

Users of iPad and iPod Touch without cellular data can finally download BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry has confirmed that they have opened up their messaging application to all Android and iOS users for free download. In addition, the BlackBerry BBM app for iOS has also received some enhancements. Other surprises of the application include the use of email address to send invites. It would be more convenient if you do not know someone else's BBM PIN.

There is also a new "Tell your friends" feature that allow users to make use of BBM to connect with their friends. Users can also release their own BBM PIN to Facebook and Twitter. The update also fixes some bugs and brought performance improvements.

BBM for Android can be obtained from Google Play. The Android version is also updated with the same features and improvements like the iOS version. Now, users can even create different categories in their contact list, allowing them to sort, organize and filter their contacts.

BBM for iOS and Android was officially launched in October. Its userbase grew very quickly and within eight hours of the launch, the application has been received more than 5 million downloads.

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