Fuji Xerox brings Facial Recognition authentication to their Multifunctional printing devices

Earlier today, Fuji Xerox launched their latest and greatest ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V C7775 and ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V C7780 series Multifunctional Device (MFD) for the Singapore market. The product is made ready for the future with various intuitive and innovation features built in and installed. One of the core feature which caught our eye was its Facial Recognition Authentication ability.

In fact, the new MFD is the world's first to be equipped with such feature. This new feature is added on to the current Smart WelcomEyes Advance motion sensor technology. There is a human detection camera which detects the movements of people around the MFD. These sensors are able to determine if one is going to use the device or just simply passing by it. Once the MFD switches on with detection of a user, it authenticates the user with facial recognition and then presents a user specific customized menu screen on the touch display. This makes authentication extremely simple and fast. Operating a MFD has never been this personal as well.

Fuji Xerox aims to provide the best user experience for their device. Their current models already have the ability to wake up from sleep in just 3.1 seconds after a user approaches the device. They are working towards a new "zero waiting time" experience for the users in their pursuance for the creating the best MFD in the market.

See the facial recognition authentication technology in action below!

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