IDA's response to the outage on government portals

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore has released a statement on their facebook page, claiming that the outages of government portals on last Saturday was due to a network fault at their end. In response to the threats posed by foreign online communities to Singapore's government's ICT infrastructure, they have also heightened the security of these systems.

Here is the statement taken from their facebook page :

The Singapore Government takes cyber security and threats to its ICT infrastructure very seriously. Maintenance of IT systems is part of the Government’s on-going efforts to enhance security.

Government agencies have been on heightened vigilance and have enhanced the security of their IT systems in response to the declared threats against the Government’s ICT infrastructure. 

On 2 Nov 2013, maintenance took place from 1pm to 3pm during which a fault was discovered. This affected selected government websites. This was due to a combination of a routing issue and a hardware failure, resulting in the glitch. However, this was rectified by 5.20pm. 

Over the next few days, while maintenance is in progress, some Government websites may continue to experience intermittent access. Government agencies will work to complete the maintenance works as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, businesses and individuals are urged to take the necessary precautions to enhance cyber security. They can visit the GoSafe Online website at to learn more about how to protect themselves against cyber threats or seek assistance.

At the same time, IDA also encourage everyone to take neccessary precautions to enhance cyber security. More information can be found at GoSafe Online at 

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This saga has led to various uncertainties in Singaporeans. Many jumped to conclusions on the cause of outage of the service even though there were no clear reports and evidence. For the peace and security of Singapore, I strongly urge all Singaporeans to think twice before posting anything online and making falsified claims on the issue. It jeopardizes our public security as it causes unnecessary uncertainties within the community.

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