Windows 8.2 coming in January 2014

Microsoft Windows 8.2 will be rolled out in January next year. Microsoft has increased the functionality of the start button, making it more usable.

Windows 8.2 start screen concept (Not official)

Even though many people have yet to upgrade to the latest Windows 8.1 operating system, it seems that Windows 8.1 will be outdated very soon. Microsoft stated that they will be releasing Windows 8.2 to the mass public in January 2014. The main changes was made around the Windows Start button.

Microsoft has reintroduced their start button in Windows 8.1. However, the start button was not what many have expected. Instead, the start button will switch users from the Desktop mode to the Metro UI. The initial function of the start button, which was to show all programs easily can only be accessed when one scrolls down on the metro UI page. In Windows 8.2, the start button will function similarly to that of Windows 7.

Windows 8.2 will be similar to Windows 8.1, which is available as a free download from the Windows Store. Additionally, Windows 8.2 will also feature new Internet Explorer functionalities.

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