Yamaha continues to mark its presence with Soavo Concept of ‘Delivering Natural Sound’ - announces NS-901 Series

Singapore – November 22, 2013 – Yamaha Music (Asia) Private Limited, continuing to mark its presence with the Soavo Concept of ‘Delivering Natural Sound’, is pleased to announce the whole new Soavo NS-901 Series.

NS-901 Series adopts Yamaha’s unique new A-PMD (Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) with improved cone paper in order to reproduce high resolution sound sources. By utilizing the lightness, rigidity and stability of the A-PMD Midrange, the speaker is able to achieved smoothness, faster reaction, and sound with good dissemination, reproducing information-rich sources with an impressive feeling of density. Those who enjoy listening to bass will have a reason to jump for joy now. The newly minted A-PMD Woofer combines both power and responsiveness delivering a clear and powerful bass. The 3 cm (1”) dome tweeter is made of aluminum for both hardness and responsiveness, and like the midrange unit, uses a neodymium magnet. It delivers sound that links the medium and high ranges with natural smoothness and transparency. Firmly integrating the diaphragm and voice coil and using a thick surround material increases the sound density and resolution in the high range. With a heavy aluminum diecast tweeter plate that minimizes unwanted resonances and an extremely fine mesh grill that provides ideal sound dissemination, it faithfully reproduces dense sound atmospheres and nuances from high resolution sound source.

The NS-F901, NS-B901, NS-C901 and NS-SW901 are offered with Piano Black, Piano White, Brown Birch and Black Birch finish.

At the same time, a bookshelf version (NS-B951) will also be added onto our new Soavo NS-901 Series. For those who wish to use for Hi-Fi stereo listening experience, NS-B951 is optimized for high-resolution sound source reproduction and set to deliver pure audio enjoyment. It has large 16 cm (6-1/2”) woofer ensure that you can enjoy music at high volumes with no loss of clarity or accuracy. These bookshelf speakers use of high performance parts, For example, the crossover network features Solen metalized polypropylene capacitors and large iron-core coils with carefully selected wire. The NS-F901 and NS-B951 are offered with Piano Black, Piano White, Brown Birch, Dark Brown Birch and Black Birch finish.

The Soavo 901 Series will be available for Pre-Order now at the following prices.
a) NS-F901 PN BL/ PN WH – S$5999,
b) NS-F901 BL/ BR/ D BR – S$5299,
c) NS-C901 PN BL/ PN WH – S$1299,
d) NS-C901 BL/ BR – S$1199,
e) NS-B901 PN BL/ PN WH – S$2499,
f) NS-B901 BL/ BR – S$2339,
g) NS-SW901 PN BL/ PN WH – S$2599,
h) NS-SW901 BL/ BR – S$2399,
i) NS-B951 PN BL/ PN WH – S$2899,
j) NS-B951 BL/ BR/ D BR – S$2599

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