LG prepares their WebOS based Smart TVs for CES 2014

LG has acquired the WebOS department from HP earlier in February this year. Other than receiving the source codes and relevant documents for WebOS, they also re-employed their engineering team and reused the website. Many rumours stated that LG will be using the OS for their Smart TVs. It seems that these rumours were indeed true.

A few days ago, LG's researcher Hong Sung-pyo leaked that the new WebOS based smart televisions will be shown off to the world at CES 2014. Each television unit will be paired with a 2.2GHz dual core CPU with 1.5GB of RAM and will be compatible with various features.

Hong also stated that LG has decided to revive Palm/HP 's Enyo development environment. Enyo is an open source Javascript cross platform development architecture. Currently, LG has already looked for 3rd party collaborations for development of apps on the Enyo platform.

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