PowerColor R9 290X LCS Liquid Cooled Graphics Card leaked - Launching next week

AMD has released their flagship Radeon R9 290X graphics card for almost 2 months. However, many felt that the graphics chip simply runs too hot and a better cooling solution is required for the card to perform optimally. It was said that more non-reference cooler designed R9 290X will be launched in 2014, but PowerColor has moved quickly in the market and will be launching their custom LCS R9 290X next week.

The new PowerColor R9 290X LCS graphics card will be will's EK's waterblock - the EK-FC R9-290X. The waterblock itself costs 92.95 euros. There still aren't much news on the specifications of the R9 290X LCS, but the card will most probably still be based on the reference PCB.

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