Samsung to release new Octa core 64bit Exynos CPU at CES 2014

Samsung twitted about their Exynos processor two days ago, probably hinting at the latest Exynos processor which they will be releasing at CES 2014. This new mobile processor will be their flagship, boasting 8 cores and 64 bit compatibility. In the tweet, Samsung asked their followers if they were ready for the latest Exynos processor. Furthermore, the image also showed that the launch date of the processor to be 7th January.

Currently, only Apple uses a 64 bit chip in their device. Starting from next year, more 64 bit ARM processors will be introduced into the market. After Samsung's Exynos processor, Qualcomm will also be releasing their Snapdragon 410 for the mid low end market. It is expected that Qualcomm will also announce their flagship processor at CES 2014.

Of course, other than boasting its 64 bit capabilities, the new Samsung Exynos processor also features true 8 cores computing units. This will significantly improve multitasking performance.

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