A Screen-less Movie Experience; Projecting Image onto the Retina

According to Tencent Digital News, Kickstarter's personal mobile theatre equipment Glyph will be an interesting concept to many gamers and movie lovers. This virtual reality headset will be one step closer to stepping into the virtual world, like the console featured in the anime Sword Art Online. the company Kickstarter has raised a fund of $250k, with 29 days to reach its goal of $400k.

Glyph is a personal mobile virtual theatre equipped with high-fidelity headphones and a high definition display, providing users with a theatre-like viewing experience.

With the advancement of such technology, the screen becomes smaller and closer to the eye. To ensure the quality and resolution of the display, the Glyph development team established a Virtual Retina Display technology. Low energy LED light will project a picture directly on the retina. With the help of 2 million small mirrors to adjust the shape of the picture and lens to focus, a clear visual image can be obtained. No LCD screen is used, so prolonged exposure will not damage the eyes. For the past two years, the development team successfully attempted to shrink the size of the display into the high-fidelity headphones.

Using HDMI cable, users can play streaming videos from an iPhone or PC. In addition, it can be connected to the Playstation console for a better gaming experience. Glyph provides nine degrees of free head movement to provide the utmost virtual reality gaming pleasure. The viewing angle is adjusted at 45 degrees, the same angle as viewing in a theatre.

The device requires charging; with full battery, it can operate up to 3 hours. With an in-built focal lens, myopic users can enjoy the device without the obstruction of spectacles. In the future, the development team may extend the field of vision to 360 degrees. With the development of shooting movies or special RPG games, the users can not only see the front view but also the surroundings.

Currently, the reservation price on Kickstarter is US$499. Early bidders can choose the colour, in addition to black, white and blue, of the exterior, left ear LED ring and the HDMI cable. Glyph is expected to be officially delivered in December 2014.

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