Google Closing down Applications Bump and Flock

The co-founder and CEO of Bump Technologies David Leib announced that Bump, a name-card and file transfer app, and Flock, a photograph sharing app, will cease and be removed from the Play Store on 31 January 2014.

When Google acquired the company last fall, according to the website Android Police, Google started the developments on the two applications.

Bump is an application that allows transfer of files through close contact of the mobile devices. Although it received $20 million in funding and has a relatively high download rate, it has limited success in commercialisation. After the launch of Apple's iOS 7, the Airdrop feature has tremendous impact on this app's popularity.

Analysts believe that after the acquisition of the company and the ownership of patents, Google has effectively improved the Android system and developed the alternative to the Near Field Communications (NFC).

On the other hand, Flock is an application launched in 2012. Data shows that it has risen to the top 10 photo-sharing platforms in 50 countries.

Leading blog TechCrunch columnist Josh Constine stated that the acquisition of the applications was to enable integration into Google+, with the photo sharing features like Facebook and file storage like Dropbox, especially in Google Party Mode (which uploads files automatically).

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