Leaks: Nexus Series Smartphones to End in 2015

According to foreign media reports, the Russian professional leaks Eldar Murtazin said that Google will end the Nexus series phones, in order to support the 'Godson' original Android mobile phones, such as Samsung, HTC and Sony Google Play products.

Eldar Murtazin released the news on Twitter, that Google will end the Nexus series and instead focus on the Google Play Android  phones. It is understood that the Nexus series phones and tablets have been Google's personal arsenal, with the first to upgrade to KitKat and sold at a very low price. However, Google seems to have a change in its marketing strategy, concentrating on other Android phones.

Recently, Samsung launched GALAXY S4 equipped with an unmodified version of Android and HTC did the same with a special version of HTC One. However, these phones can only be purchased on Google Play.

Google has not released its official statement, but since the larger revenues earned from other original Android phones, the end of Nexus may not be that distant. To Google, this may ensure an authentic user experience and promote enthusiasm among the smartphones manufacturers.

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