US Scientists designed Smart Headband Aurora to control dreams

Imagine if you are able to create your own world in your dreams. The concept portrayed in the movie 'Inception' may not be that far away from reality. Scientists from the United States recently designed a 'Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband', which can influence the wearer's dreams through lights and sounds.

Based on a preset programme, the device can determine if the user has entered the state of Rapid Eye Movement (REM), a level of deep sleep. Then, the user can experience vivid dreams and even wake up at a stipulated time. Based on the user's choice, the headband will flash subtle red, blue and green LED lights and play music. Not only is the device equipped with built-in sensors to measure and monitor brainwaves and eye movements, it can also track body motions. After detecting a certain brainwave, the device will play a series of light and music to give the user a conscious cue and allows the user to be aware in sleep.

The inventor pointed out that once a person becomes aware that he or she is in a dream, he or she will be able to control their dreams in a state called 'lucid dreaming'.

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