Will Chrome be the next OS?

US technology blog site TheNextWeb managing editor Martin Bryant recently published an article on an interesting change on the way he works on his MacBook Pro: 90% of his work is done on the Chrome.

Bryant pointed out that all the essential functions in a centralized software makes the work more efficient. making maps, mail and calendar apps in the Mac redundant. He noted that recently, Mac Dock added the Chrome App Launcher app, which made him even more dependent on the Chrome.

He believed Chrome OS will be very well-liked, but in the current state, there is much to work on.

Bryant admitted he still uses a MacBook Pro and will not buy a Chromebook. Even though he liked Chrome OS to finish all of his work, he still rely on some of the apps in Mac. For example, he uses Logic Pro for music production and clips edition.

This week, Google brought the Chrome OS to all Windows 8 users. This will provide consumers a new choice. Even if they do not buy a new Chromebook, they can enjoy the Chrome service. From Google's point of view, they will receive a larger user base. However, there is no indication that Google will take a similar approach with Apple.

Also last week, Google's acquisition of Nest triggered much resistance against the notion of 'Google-dependence', but such action will create much awareness of Google and Chrome. There has long been speculations that Google will merge Android and Chrome together.

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