Apple Developing Health App 'Healthbook'

According to AppleInsider, Apple is developing an application 'Healthbook', which will be integrated into iOS 8, designed to monitor and record the users' physiological status, through pedometer, calories consumption, travel mileage, sports and connection to iWatch.

It is reported that the user interface will be similar to that of Passbook, with cards representing different functions and users can freely switch between the cards. While Apple iWatch collects different forms of data, and Healthbook will be able to process and display the records. To facilitate the development of the project, Apple has invited Nike consultant Jay Blahnik, sensor manufacturer Senseonics senior vice-president Todd Whitehurst, medical R&D company Masimo executive Michael O'Reilly and other experts in related fields.

Reports state that the app will not only monitor blood pressure, hydration, rate of heartbeat and blood sugar level, but also feature calendar, reminders and other applications originally available on the iOS. For example, when users enter their drug intake, the app will be able to remind them of their medications. The app also has a pedometer and calculates travel distance, hence providing statistics on energy burnt.

Previously, Apple has led discussions with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 'mobile medical applications'.

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