Enlisting as a NSF in Singapore? Make an informed decision on the mobile data coverage in Pulau Tekong.

As many new recruits would have known, NSF recruits are now allowed to bring camera phones into the camps in Pulau Tekong. However, usage of these phones are still guarded by strict set of rules. This also means that recruits can surf the internet or use facebook during their free times in camp to better keep in touch with their love ones back in mainland. However, as a new recruit in the SAF in Pulau Tekong, I realised that there is a significant difference in the mobile data speeds in the island. Hence, I decided to take some sample data from the 3 mobile operators to test their different data transfer speeds when in camp.

These tests were taken at the same time and place in the west of Pulau Tekong in Ladang camp.

StarHub SpeedTest @ Tekong
SingTel SpeedTest @ Tekong
M1 SpeedTest @ Tekong

As an M1 user, I am very disappointed with the mobile data speeds in Pulau Tekong. Most of the times, speeds were so slow that it is deemed unusable. However, when the network is less congested, i.e. weekends, the mobile network data flow will be a lot smoother.

On StarHub and SingTel, mobile data network flow has been consistent and meeting up to the expectations of users. My friends on these two operators were able to surf the internet smoothly throughout the days.

If you're enlisting as a new recruit in Pulau Tekong at Basic Military Training Camp, you might want to avoid M1. As for now, I'm using a Dual-SIM phone to counter the problem with a SingTel mobile broadband line for data.

By the way, there's no 4G network available in Pulau Tekong other than at the ferry terminal. Hope these little information can help you to make the right decision on your next recontract if you are enlisting soon. Good luck in serving the nation!

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