Gmail Will be Protected by Encryption

20 March 2014 - Google announced that Gmail users will be protected by encryption in all the emails they send. 

According to Google, whenever an user checks or sends an email, the webpage will be secured by HTTPS connection. Even if the user is using public WiFi or using a smartphone, desktop or tablet, their messages will only be sent between the Google server and the user. 

In addition, internal encryption will further protect the messages. Therefore, should the messages be intercepted, they will be difficult to be decrypted.

Prior to this, in 2010, Google has already enforced the HTTPS connection for all Google websites. Now, with the encryption, information security is more robust. 

Recently, in the United States, there has been concern regarding National Security Agency (NSA) and its involvement in tapping into private information. By beefing up the encryption of emails, this Google's move ensure greater security and confidence in information sharing and networks. 

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