Logitech brings a wide range of local gamers at its first-ever gaming event

The Logitech G Experience attracted over 120 people at Colosseum, Bugis+

Singapore, 21 March 2014 — Earlier today, Logitech brought over 120 people together at its first-ever The Logitech G Experience. The free gaming event, held with the support of Colosseum and Insidious Gaming, was organised by Logitech to promote and strengthen the gaming culture in Singapore.

The main highlight was a Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 tournament, which pitted eight teams of five players against each other in under a variant tournament rule set. The participating teams were a mix of both experienced and casual gamers. After three competitive rounds, Team Mark emerged as the winner, taking home the bragging rights and Logitech G products.

“We’re so excited to win the tournament and it feels awesome. The event was an opportunity for us to play DOTA 2 with our friends and even players whom we haven’t met before. We hope there’re more of such opportunities,” shared Sabastian Xiao, the leader of the champion team Mark.

In addition to the DOTA 2 tournament, there was a variety of gaming booths set up for the attendees. The gaming booths included the classic Donkey Kong and a mouse clicking game which tested the gamers’ reflexes. The game scores were shared on a live scoreboard for players to challenge one another.

“Although I didn’t participate in the tournament, I love this event a lot because I met other people who share the same interest with me,” said Sophia Wong, an event participant. “Also, I’m happy that the gaming stations could help me get hands on the Logitech gaming products.”

The event was a great way for gamers to just get together to have fun. It also served as a memorable experience for many of them who were ending their school term break.

For more information about Logitech and its products, visit the company’s website at www.logitech.com.

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