Screenshots of iOS Leaked: Healthbook, Preview and Text Edit

As there are more news on the upcoming iOS 8, some screenshots are leaked.

Since the iOS 7.1 update, there has been more news on the iOS 8, such as public transport navigation and improved map database. From the screenshots leaked on WeiBo, the new iOS will have the applications Healthbook, Preview and Text Edit. 

The long speculated motion sensing will be improved. The much anticipated Healthbook is revealed and its icon is shown for the first time. The specially developed app will be able to monitor heart rate, calorie consumption, pedometer and sports. 

Preview and Text Edit, original applications in OS X, will be introduced into iOS 8. Preview enables users to view pictures and PDF and edit pictures. Text Editor is an app for RTX and plain text edition and supports Microsoft .doc and .docx formats. This signifies the new OS will be able to process and sync more data through iCloud and OS X. 

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