Youtube Executive Joins Twitter in Video Making

According to Wall Street Journal, Twitter has hired Youtube executive Baljeet Singh in a bid to produce more videos and advertisements in the microblogging site.

According to Twitter spokesman Will Stickney, Singh started on Monday as Twitter’s product director, head of TV and video. 

Previously at Google's Youtube department, Singh has taken part in the development of TrueView, which are advertisements which appear at the start of a video and viewers can choose to skip. The ads are paid only if viewers continue to watch them. 

Singh will be helping in the production of videos and online advertisements at Twitter. It is possible that Twitter might adopt pre-roll ads similar to YouTube’s, but Stickney has declined to comment further.

Big online service providers such as Facebook and Twitter have been trying to improve online videos in order to attract big brands that traditionally spend on TV ads. Due to the increase in number of people watching videos on the web, the online videos present much advertising opportunity.

Singh will also be working on Twitter Amplify, which provides social TV conversation with real-time, dual-screen sponsorships and in-Tweet video clips from broadcasters.

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