A look at the recently launched PixePlay KURO Smart Player


Home-grown company PixePlay has recently introduced their first and latest product for the market. Targeted at Singapore consumers, the PixePlay KURO Smart Player is a feature packed Android based media player. It is a promising smart media player that has the capabilities and hopes to compete with all the other bigger brands in our market. Today, we look at what is so special and different about the PixePlay KURO Smart Player.

Specifications and comparisons

Media Player Comparision Chart (Click to enlarge)
IO ports for KURO

PixePlay braced the market with a media player for the premium market. Differentiating their product from other competitors with great hardware improvements, it is apparent that KURO is indeed one of the more powerful system available. They have equipped the system with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which is one of the more updated and stable Android version available for media players. 

Yet another Android Media Player.... Not?

Deep down inside KURO, it just wants to be a simple Android Media Player. However, the inventors from PixePlay gave it so much power that it shines naturally. Firstly, this little box has got true 3D Full HD 1080p hardware capabilities. Most Android systems are just going to suffer when player 3D files as they are not made to play those files. These files are going to play smoothly on the KURO. Of course, this also means that KURO is compatible with all the 3D TVs and projectors out on the market. Coupled with this capability is its support for 5.1 or 7.1 HD audio. KURO could be a great choice as the center of a home theater system.

As for connectivity, PixePlay is equipped with Gigabit LAN and Wireless N technology. I found it to be extremely useful as I have media files scattered around the home network. Making the media box connected also means that I can access all these media files on my TV easily.

A full-fledged media player... and more!

Because of Android 4.2.2, users can also enjoy the various benefits of the Google Android operating systems, essentially expanding the possibilities of the media box.

Here are some possibilities which I thought of 
  1. Android Gaming Console - Attach a bluetooth adapter via the USB port and connect a bluetooth GamePad to KURO. Download some games from Google Play Store. Enjoy hours of games and fun from your "media player"!
  2. Home Media Server - As KURO has a built in hard drive slot within, an additional 4TB hard drive can be attached to it to make the KURO as a media/storage file server. As long as KURO is switched on and network connected, every single device from the home network can access the files on the hard drive. Additionally, as KURO is using a Gigabit LAN interface of the usual 10/100 Fast Ethernet interface, you can be sure that file transfer speeds can be as decent as an actual NAS or file server. 
    HDD Expansion for NAS creation or media storage
  3. Home PC - For someone who just need a simple computer to serve the internet, this serves its purpose. Simply just connect a mouse and keyboard via the USB ports and the KURO media player is magically transformed into a simple PC. As Android supports full HTML5, most webpages will be able to be viewed well on the system.
    USB 2.0 Ports x 2 , SD Card slot and 1x USB3.0 slave

Easy navigation and control

One of the main attraction of PixePlay KURO is its smart remote. Instead of adopting a complicated remote controller that has a lot of buttons on it, PixePlay chose a much simpler approach to controlling of the media box. If you are familiar with Nintendo Wii's way of control, you will be happy with the KURO smart remote. It has the capabilities of motion control as well. Simply point the remote control at the TV and an arrow on screen will guide you to your clicks and navigation. Simple! 

It will probably make games like Fruit Ninja interesting on the PixePlay KURO as well! Hah!

Final thoughts

It is difficult for Android media players to stand out from competition these days as they seem to be all the same. In fact, there are also various great preinstalled apps on the PixePlay KURO that could have made the media player experience on KURO a much interesting one. These include a Karaoke app which streams music videos online and a China online TV app. However, these were not what made this machine this special. These apps can be installed on any other Android devices as well.

What mattered the most on KURO was that it was powered by great hardware. This has made the Android experience so much smoother and overall a pleasant one. Its hardware made it standout from generic made in China media players and has shown to the world what a good Android media player actually means. The use of the smart remote was the core of the whole Android experience and it made a huge difference. KURO gave Android's its life essences in the media player world.

The PixePlay KURO Smart Player is available now from the PixePlay showroom at Sim Lim Square, 
#05-79 for just S$229 – with the package including an AC adapter, HDMI v1.4 cable, USB 3.0 cable, 
KURO Smart Remote, 2xAAA batteries and a quick user guide. 

For more information on The PixePlay KURO Smart Player, visit http://www.pixePlay.com/kuro/

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