B&O PLAY Form 2i - A True Design Icon

Rebirth of a design classic! The longest living headphones on the market, Form 2 from B&O PLAY updated with microphone, 3-button remote and improved comfort design - and aptly named Form 2i.

Form 2i is an ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphone with an impressive and honest stereo sound. It will be available in a total of 6 vibrant and everlasting colors: Black, White and Red - joined by the new additions Blue, Green and Blue.

Why update with remote? To keep up with the growing trend of using headphones not only for music but also for telephony, supporting on-the-go use case scenario. Demand for the microphone and remote feature is fueled by smart phones and commuters. While today the share of the headphones with mic is around 17%, we expect this number to grow above 40% in 2017.

Why update the foam? The new softer and thicker foam provides an even better comfort - making Form 2i a headphone you can comfortably use for extended periods of time.

Why these colors? The new Form 2i color combination was picked to celebrate the arrival of Spring and Summer. The lush green color was inspired by the grass and leaves, the blue color represents the sky and the ocean, and the neutral grey mimics the dusty earth color of early Spring.

Announcement: 7 Jan 2014, CES

About Form 2i

  • Form 2i is an ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphone with an impressive and honest stereo sound.
  • Form 2i is available in a total of 6 vibrant and everlasting colors.
  • Part of the permanent collection at Museum of Modern Art in New York and widely recognized as a truly iconic piece of design.
  • Features a microphone and a remote control. Functionality of the buttons may vary according to the device.
Target Group:
Urban Creative Professionals

  • Always in fashion - Form 2i stays stylish even after 30 years
  • Sounds as great as ever - it's a combination of a good bass, a focused middle and precise highs.
  • An even better fit - Form 2i weighs in at only 90 grams - making it ultra light and perfectly suited for a life on the go. The improved foam on the er pads guarantees an even better comfort. 
What else to know?
Back in 1983 Steve McGugan, by then a 23-year old Canadian industrial designer, designed what would become one of the most popular headphones ever - Form 2.

The headphones hit the streets in 1985 - to widespread critical acclaim and in 1992 they were accepted into the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Form 2 has been in production for 29 years and counting - making it the longest lasting headphones in the world - possibly the longest lasting hi-fi product int eh world. 

Up until the inception of B&O PLAY in 2012 Form 2 was only available in its original color, black. 

With the additions announced in connection with the Form 2i launch, there have been a total of 8 different Form 2 and Form 2i colors.

Product availability: from 13 Feb 2014

B&O Play Form 2i Over-Ear Headphones is priced at the SRP of SGD215, and it will be available at Apple Stores (EpiCentre, Infinite, iStudio, Nubox & Polaris), Challenger (Musica), Courts, ConnectIT, Gadget World, Harvey Norman, Jaben, Newstead, Sprint-Cass (Changi Airport T1, T2 & T3), Stereo & Swee Lee from late April 2014. The red edition will only be available in June 2014.

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