Jabra Rox: The Wireless In-Ear Earphones That Will Rock Your World - A Review

Jabra Rox is the kind of wireless in-ear earphones I would like to have when I travel from a place to another or when I go for a run by the canal. There are many wireless earphones in the market, but Jabra Rox's combination of design, durability and magnetic feature makes it truly unique. 


The box always has its exclusive appeal. Jabra products, such as the Solemate, has the rugged feel for outdoor fanatics and party goers alike. 

Ear Buds and Support

In so many sizes, the EarGels and EarWings ensure a perfect fit in the ear. The EarGels, or ear buds/ cushions, comes in four different sizes to compliment the in-ear earphones. The EarWings provides further fit into the outer ear, especially when the user considers more noise cancelling or goes outdoors. The EarGels provide a varying degree of fit in the ear and noise insolation. Users should experiment with the sizes in order to obtain the maximum comfort. 

Main Attraction

When not in used and clipped together, the earphones can last up to 2 weeks in standby mode, activated as the earphones are attracted together. When I attend events or speak to people, I easily suspend my songs or audios and hang the earphones around my neck, serving as a great accessory. 
A good fit.
The earphones sport a 6mm dynamic speaker. Earbuds are perpendicularly connected to the near-cubic main body. At first, users who are accustomed to small earphones might find the main body box a hindrance to the ear. However, after realising the entire contraption of speakers, connectivity and magnets are converged to the compactness of Rox, the rounded shape is understandable. Moreover, with the help of EarWing, the Rox fits nicely. 

Simply clip and hang around the neck. 

A practical concern would be how long the magnets can remain functionally magnetic. The permanent magnets will be durable and effective as long as the earphones are kept in the stipulated operating and storage temperatures and not repeatedly dropped at a great height. 

Beneath the cover of the left earphone is the Micro USB port. Charging can be done with connection to a computer or any Android phone chargers.
The battery can support up to 18 days in standby and approximately 6 hours of music streaming or talk time.  Through the LED indicator or voice notifications, the user can tell if the battery is low. 

Simple Controls

With just three buttons, the user can control the various functions, from pairing to answering calls and fast forwarding to the next song. By pressing and holding the central Multi-function button, the user can switch on or off, play or pause music, answer/end/reject calls and redial. At first, users might not remember the combinations or required action to effect their intentions. However, everything becomes simple and easy to use. 

Currently, the earphones are available in Black and White. Perhaps more colours will allow more individuality. 

Easily speak on the phone. 
Rox microphone is omnidirectional with noise filter and E-STD standard sensitivity. The microphone is built into the controls. Whether you are in a run or exercise, you can remain connected; press the button to answer or reject a call. 

Go Wireless
Jabra's 'Go Wireless' campaign upgrades the connectivity and removes the tedium of untying the knots on the earphone wires. Rox easily pairs with NFC or Bluetooth. 

The effective connection range for the earphones is 10 m, which is the minimum range of Bluetooth devices. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) enabled also means you can adjust the the audio and visual functions through the controls. 

User Experience
Sturdy. Waterproof. Light. 

IP52 certified, Rox is dust proof and water resistant. Lightweight, Rox only weighs 19 grams. It is perfect for people who like runs with a music companion or sports enthusiasts.  Users would not have to fear drizzle or the earphones dropping out of their ears. A key specialty is that Jabra products are 'Meant to be abused'. Users can be rest assured that Rox is durable. 

Rox's 6 mm dynamic speakers provide comfortable music. If you are an audiophile, with speaker sensitivity 92 dB at 1mW/ 1kHz, impedance at 16 ohms, this may not offer the kind of pristine aural enjoyment that is distortion free. Occasionally, there may be concern with some rubbing noise by the wire. This can be reduced with the stopper and length adjustment. 

Jabra sound app 
(Unlocked with purchase key)

Dolby Digital Plus is an add-on for people who like to fine tune their acoustic experience - virtual surround sound, bass enhancement and high frequency enhancement. Complete with an equaliser, users can also customise and maximise their audile satisfaction.  

My music playlist...
Or my favourite Mandarin K songs. 

The Jukebox playlist is another feature which is especially useful if you have a Jabra speaker (such as a Solemate). This app ramps up the fun because your friends can up-vote their favourite songs. This is not so particularly useful for an earphone on your own. 

If you are using Apple platform, you can connect with iTunes. It will be great if, similar to the iTunes, the app can show a list of up-next songs and which playlist is being played. Users also can connect with Youtube for their favourite playlists and songs. 

Tech Specs

More information can be found at Jabra

For dancers, joggers, outdoor game players or anyone who likes a robust music mate which will not mix with your sweat or the rain... For someone who would like something fashionable around the neck... Or for someone tired of untying the earphones wires, Jabra Rox is just the thing for you. 

Jabra Rox Wireless will be retailing at SGD 168 and will be available at Apple premium
resellers, Epicentre, Gadget World, Infinite, iStudio, Nubox, Tech@Vogue, selected Challenger
stores and other authorised Jabra resellers.

Written by Joel.

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