Brief Look at LG G Pro 2 (and Upcoming G3!)

In light of the upcoming launch of LG’s next flagship phone LG G3 (coming this May 28!), I will be doing a brief review of the LG G Pro 2. LG is a leading innovative company in the competitive scene of the smartphone industry, and I, a tech revolutionist, have the honour of reviewing this creatively and intricately designed gem.


The G Pro 2 is smooth to the touch. Only 8.3 mm thick, this sleek device rests comfortably in my palm. This white cover looks especially classy and complements the office wear. It sports an impressive 5.9” Full HD display.

Tech Specs

· Processor: Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 2.26 GHz Quad-core

· Dimensions: 157.9 x 81.9 x 8.3

· OS: Android 4.4 KitKat

· Battery: 3200 mAh (removable)

· Display: 5.9” Full HD IPS 1920 x 1080 Slim Bezel

· RAM: 3 GB

· ROM: 32 GB

· Camera: 13 MP

Not only does the exterior attract me, the specs packs a punch. It is equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon Quad-core processors and a 3 GB RAM. It works on the newest Android Operation System KitKat. 

Knock Code

Not a stranger to the LG User interface, I enjoy the convenience of the Knock Code. Just 2 taps to the display activate the screen. This greatly reduces reliance on the Lock button and allow swift transition to useful apps like the camera. 

 Mini View

If the screen of 5.9" is too large for you, simply slide the front touch buttons. The screen will be shrunk to a corner of the display, so reaching the other end of the screen will not be a problem. Close the Mini View to return to the full display. This provides the best of both worlds; users can decrease the screen size for their convenience while not diminishing the options of a HD display.


One of the most impressive innovations in G Pro 2 lies in the camera app. There are various amazing features to play with:
There are a few cool features to spice up your Instagram or Selfies. Here, we explore Magic Focus, Dynamic Tone and Dual Camera.

The above photograph is taken using the normal mode: The entrance of Ngee Ann Poly.

Here's something Xtra: HDR (Dynamic Tone).

Another shot of the sky with Dynamic Tone.

The Magic Focus does the magic. By taking simultaneous shots of different focus, users can choose the desired photos after the shot. The above focused in the background...

One is out of focus...

And the third gives us the spotlight on the flowers in the foreground.

The Dual Camera allows users to take a photo of the scenery or concert or any photographs while keeping them in the photo. 

Dual Browser

The ultimate feature for multi-taskers. In the LG UI, users can view 2 different windows or apps in the same display. However, not all apps can be displayed in the Dual Browsers. 


In the AnTuTu Benchmark test, the G Pro 2 scored a decent score. For users looking for a good gaming or multi-tasking experience, this smartphone will be great device.

Benchmark details:
  • Multitask: 5859
  • Runtime: 3149
  • RAM speed: 1310
  • CPU integer: 2541
  • CPU Float-point: 3075
  • GPU - 2D graphics: (1080 x 1803) 1616
  • GPU - 3D graphics: (1080 x 1803) 8949

This smartphone is great in terms of performance and users who enjoy taking photographs with their smartphones at the next level. LG's continual upgrade on the User Interface and User Experience sets a high standard for all future smartphones in 2014.

Geeks, tech experts and lovers of a good smartphone UX alike can look forward to the upcoming worldwide launch of the LG flagship phone G3 on May 28 2014 (Singapore 10.00AM). 


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