Epson’s New Top 3D Projectors Now Have Extreme Contrast and 3D Enhancement Technology

Singapore, 29 May 2014 - Epson, the world’s top projector maker for the past 13 years* and Singapore’s No. 1 Projector Brand (2012 - 2013), has improved its award-winning, top-of-the-line 3D home theatre projector line with the launch of the EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W

In addition to the predecessor’s 480 hertz 3D panel drive technology that produces ultra-bright 3D images, the new EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W projectors have an extremely high contrast ratio of 600,000:1 to enable even richer blacks in movies and which is almost double that of its predecessor. In addition, the new models are now able to apply video enhancement technologies like Frame Interpolation and Super Resolution in 3D mode and not just 2D.

Another notable improvement is the addition of MHL compatibility on a HDMI port on the EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W’s wireless hub unit which enables easy playback of content from MHL compatible devices like smartphones and tablets.

Brightness and Color Light Output (CLO) rating
Digital Input
Price & Availability
(GST Incl)
1080p (1920 x 1080)
$4, 299
Available now
1080p (1920 x 1080)
HDMI Wireless (1080p) supported
$4, 599 (includes Wireless HD Transmitter)
Available now

Features in detail:

Frame Interpolation in 2D and 3D – Frame interpolation technology inserts new frames between original frames. As a result, blurring effects are suppressed and motion pictures look much smoother and sharper. In the EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W, Frame Interpolation is able to be applied to 3D images for the first time ever.

Super Resolution in 2D and 3D – Super resolution technology automatically detects blurred sections of an image and uses a mixed colour separation process to achieve sharper and refined image quality in Full High Definition projection. As with Frame Interpolation, the EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W are able to apply this technology to 3D images for the first time.

Cinema Filter - The new projectors’ bright lamps are paired with Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology which offers full-time colour projection with three separate LCD panels (Red, Green and Blue). Epson’s 3LCD engine ensures that users get high white light, as well as colour light output for bright and colour-accurate images, and smooth projections of movies without colour breakup.

480Hz 3D panel drive technology - This technology continues to make the EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W the brightest 3D projector in its class and dramatically reduces viewer fatigue. The EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W comes equipped with a high zoom range of 2.1x that allows for high placement flexibility & with the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p Full HD). The projector also features a 96 percent vertical lens shift and 47 percent horizontal lens shift, a category first, presenting users with an extensive range of projector placement possibilities without distortion of digital correction. Flexibility in projector placement is further enhanced by front exhausts, so that the projectors can be placed in cabinet/shelf without the need of extra opening at the back of side for ventilation.

Ultimate picture quality is what sets the EH-TW8200 and EH-TW8200W apart. The projectors are equipped with advanced home theater projection technologies such as, Frame Interpolation, Super Resolution and Cinema Filter to delivers the best in cinematic viewing experience.

Industry Standard active 3D glasses - All Epson’s active 3D projector models use radio frequency based 3D glasses that comply with the new “Full HD 3D Glasses” industry standard. ( This allows the glasses to be interchangeably used with active 3D display devices that comply with the standard.

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