PROLiNK releases 2 new gaming keyboards

Comes with 7 striking back light colour options and 19 anti-ghosting keys

PKGM-9301 Egregius available in 7 colours. 

Singapore, 15 May 2014 - PROLiNK will be releasing 2 new gaming keyboards officially at the coming PC show 2014 on 5 June.

The 2 new bat-themed keyboards - Velifer (model: PKGM-9101), and Egregius (model: PKGM-9301) feature a total of 7 different back light colour options - blue, green, light blue, purple, yellow, red and white.
PKGM-9101 Velifer in green back light.

This means gamers can customise their keyboard colours to match their game characters, moods or personality. The back light can also be further adjusted by brightness levels and even by speed of the breathing light effects.

Besides the multiple colour choices, the feature-packed keyboards also come with a Windows Lock key for uninterrupted gaming, switchable WASD and arrow keys, and 19 anti-ghosting keys which allow gamers to press and register up to 10 buttons simultaneously.

The Egregius (named after Lasiurus egregius - a big red bat) comes with a larger sturdier frame which weighs in at a solid 980 g, and comes with ergonomically designed concave keys that allow gamers to last through long hours at the computer. It also features a key press lifespan of up to 10 million times.

the lighter weight Velifer (named after the Myotis velifer - cave myotis) features a silent keypad and is great for gamers who want to play late into the night without disturbing their siblings or family members.

Both multimedia keyboards come with 2 input speeds options to cater to individual users.

The Egregius and Velifer will be launched officially in Singapore by 5 June 2014 at an SRP of S$79 and S$65 respectively. The keyboards will be released in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh by the end of June.

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