Trend Micro: Threats Roundup 2014

Trend Micro has conducted a summary on the threats in the world of technology. In light of the recent highlight on the Heartbleed bug incident, consumers and corporations could not be too careful when it comes to security.

As a global leader on cloud security, Trend Micro has released startling statistics, which could not emphasise more on the importance of protection of information and an adapting system which handles the evolving nature of IT threats.

Everyday, there are around 8.6 billion threat events, and 250 million threats are blocked by global threat intelligence. While ASEAN countries face a mix of old and new threats, Singapore experiences higher consumption and risk due to modern high-speed infrastructure. Approximately 10 out of 1000 mobile apps in Singapore are malicious.

Other statistics:

  • Every 60 seconds, 1.8 Petabytes of data are created, including 204 million emails, 700 thousand files on Dropbox and 278 thousand tweets.
  • 63% of security professionals believe it is only a matter of time until their enterprise is targeted.
  • 71% of workloads will be virtualised by 2016.
As cyber threats become more common, devices become consumerised and companies utilise cloud and virtualisation, corporations have to find a way to protect sensitive information but also improve business agility by providing quick and intuitive access to the right information, tools and applications. Trend Micro offers comprehensive solutions to manage the threats and empower businesses.

Trend Micro is a 26-year young, 'Billion dollar Security Software Pure-play'. Headquartered in Japan, Trend Micro is the largest security-focused company worldwide. It develops Internet content security and threat management solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. With more than 25 years of experience, it is recognised as the market leader in server security, virtual security, and small business content security.

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