What's So Special About LG G3? -G3 at a glance-

Today, LG held an international launch in six cities worldwide for the new flagship smartphone LG G3. Developed under the 'Simple is the New Smart' concept, the G3 is redesigned and improved version of LG G series. So, what is installed for us?

At first look, the G3 has a sleek metallic back cover. The volume and unlock buttons, together with the rear camera, are placed in the signature 'selfie' position of LG G series smartphones. From the side, the gentle curve of the Floating Arc Design can be seen. 

A high definition display and quality camera have already been taken for granted by the generation of smartphone users. The G3 sports a 5.5" Quad HD display. Moreover, the 13 MP OIS+ (Optical Image Stabiliser Plus) camera with Laser Auto Focus makes photographs clearer like traffic police with a speed detector. 

What sets the phone apart from other phones will be the simplified and enhanced User Experience (UX). There are various features worth looking forward to, such as the Smart KeyBoard and KNOCKcode. The keyboard utilises adaptive technology which track and analyses typing habits. Even the height of the keyboard can be adjusted. The KNOCKcode is not new. However, it has the novel feature of imputing a personalised tapping sequence and users can skip the lock screen. 

In addition, the G3 is more convenient than ever with Wireless Charging. With the wireless power charging technology, the G3 can be powered up as convenient as possible. 

Also check out the complimenting QuickCircle case and Tone Infinim headsets. 

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