Autumn Dynasty Insurrection: Empire management and 4X game expands to new territory

Locally based game developers Touch Dimensions has just recently updated their flagship series of Autumn Dynasty strategy games and just released a new expansion pack to it. The latest add-on called "Insurrection, for Autumn Dynasty Warlords" aims to make the game a lot more interesting and easier to interact and play with.

In Warlords, players play as a nondescript warlord aiming to unify the lands under their rule. Players have to manage their empire by building epic cities, raising powerful armies, commanding their officers and undertaking portentous quests. Battles will be fought in real-time, with randomly generated maps that feature different terrains depending on location. They also have to engage in sabotage, espionage and seek alliances in order to conquer their foes and gain ultimate control over the lands

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Insurrection builds on the Warlords universe by introducing new scenarios, including one where players start-off with a lone province surrounded by a single overwhelming enemy. We have also increased the variety of missions and global events that now have a greater impact on the game.

Additionally, players can now collect relics – artifacts that bestows bonuses to warlords, and these adds on to the existing diplomacy and espionage. Finally, we have improved the battle system by adding pre-battle deployment and control point.

The free expansion <> will be available on 12th Jun and Warlords will be available at a discounted price of $4.99 for that week.

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