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Singapore, July 2014  – This July, Lamch & Co introduces three revolutionary photography solutions, the WEYE FEYE, the U-Shot and the Me-Shot.

Created by X-Treme Video, XSories is a brand with deep roots in the extreme sports industry. For 20 years, XTreme Video has worked with more than 500 extreme sports producers worldwide, capturing breath-taking images of athletes and talents who live and breathe extreme sports. With their expertise, Xsories reinvents the art of imagery with innovative solutions for sport, travel and video fans.


The WEYE FEYE is an external device connecting to a DSLR that allows you to shoot, save and share with the world. The WEYE FEYE generates its own Wi-Fi network, enabling a wireless and remote control of a camera via an App on smartphones and tablets (available on Android and iOS).

The WEYE FEYE is compatible with most DSLR cameras. With its built-in battery and server, the WEYE FEYE is completely autonomous from the camera. It operates with 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, which ensures a powerful signal with higher speed and larger range. The range of the signal (up to 80 meters) coupled with a record 0.2 sec latency makes it the highest-performing product on the market. 

With the Live View function available via the App, you will be able to take over the control of the camera without touching it. Change the set-up (ISO, white balance, aperture, metering, etc), switch in between modes (photo or video, time lapse), control the focus (manual or automatic) and wirelessly set off the capture of images.

The Gallery allows you to view, select and share the images from the smartphone or tablet directly to a computer or via social networks and sharing platforms. The integrated server also allows multiple users to access the Gallery without having to install the WEYE FEYE App. The WEYE FEYE allows users to engage in new approaches of photography, helping them to achieve elaborate composition on their own without having to direct an assistant. Operating your camera(s) remotely gives you more freedom of movement and enables you to capture moments your presence would otherwise disturb.

The WEYE FEYE™ retails at $469 and will be available @ TANGS Orchard Department Store, Level 3, Ante Counter, Epi Center, Epi Life, TwoBros and Cumulus.

WEYE FEYE S™ (S=Share)

For the casual photographer with a passion for sharing, the WEYE FEYE S links your digital eye with your smart device and instantly review, edit and share your content on all social media platforms. The WEYE FEYE S strips the original WEYE FEYE down to its essence, while still allowing you to truly LIVE. CAPTURE. SHARE. Tapping on the power of the WEYE FEYE S’s innovative App, WEYE FEYE S provides the link between these three creative elements. The WEYE FEYE S streamlines the steps you need to take to share your experiences with the world, so you can remain focused on what matters most.

The WEYE FEYE S™ retails at $199 and will be available @TANGS Orchard Department Store, Level 3, Ante Counter, Epi Center, Epi Life, TwoBros and Cumulus.

U-Shot Monochrome Series

Available in 7 vibrant colours, black, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and silver, the U-Shot Monochrome Series is equipped with a 1Ž4 universal screw allowing you to fix any type of compact camera quickly and safely with no tools required.  The 120g rod is able to secure cameras of up to 3kg and extends up to a maximum length of 49cm. The U-Shot Monochrome series boasts an adjustable aluminum ball head with a carabiner included, allowing you to capture the greatest moments in a variety of angles.

Those who would like to take things a little further; there is also the BIG U-Shot Monochrome Series, weighing in at 154g, it extends up to a maximum length of 94cm.

For the adventurer seeking to brave the outdoors, the U-Shot Monochrome Dirt Edition makes for the perfect travelling companion. Available in both extension lengths of 49cm and 94cm versions, the Dirt Edition is saltwater-resistant and allows for a secure grip on its foam handles even in the most extreme conditions. This collection has been inspired by the 5 seasonal colours of nature, deep red, atlantic blue, gold, deep forest green and dark grey.

The U-Shot Monochrome and BIG U-Shot Monochrome Series both standard and dirt editions retail at $69 and $89 respectively and will be available @ TANGS Department Store, Level 3, Ante Counter, Epi Center, Epi Life, TwoBros and Cumulus.

U-Shot Deluxe Leather Edition

The U-Shot also comes in a special edition, the U-Shot Deluxe Leather in silver and black, is the perfect combination of industrial technology and quality craftsmanship. The genuine leather handle and leash adds comfortable warmth to the U-Shot and stylishly matches your other leather accessories. This noble material brings the aesthetics and know-hows of the past: each tailor-made handle is stitched by hand, making every model completely unique. The timelessly chic leather gives the U-Shot an elegant urban look and makes you stand from the crowd.

The U-Shot Deluxe Leather in 49cm and 94cm versions retail at $109/$129 respectively and will be available @ TANGS Orchard Department Store, Level 3, Ante Counter, Epi Center, Epi Life, TwoBros and Cumulus.


The Me-Shot Standard Edition is a handheld, telescopic system for compact cameras and smart devices that elevates your content from cliché to chic and turns your Instagram feed into something unique. Capture yourself, friends, that DJ set or live shows like you never before could. Extend Me- Shot to reach above crowds, or turn Me-Shot on yourself and friends to capture “that moment” as a matchless selfie. The Pholder 2.0TM cradles your device with a silky smooth yet secure grip in just a twist of the wrist. Me-Shot collapses into a pocket size stick to stash anywhere so you’re never without its versatility again.

Give yourself an upgrade with the Me-Shot Deluxe Edition that frees your hands and mind when capturing your decisive moment with the clever Xsmart Bluetooth remote.

Available in pink, orange and black, the Me-ShotTM Standard and Deluxe Editions retail at $69 and $109 respectively and will be available @ TANGS Orchard Department Store, Level 3, Ante 

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