[Project Siren] Custom Aesthetic ROG Mod on the ASUS RT-AC68U Router

Modding enthusiasts are willing to spend their time and effort to create the ultimate aesthetic look that they want to achieve. We've seen mods on desktop and laptop computers, but today, we are going to take a look at a very special router mod instead. Project Siren is all about the designing and makeover of a ASUS RT-AC68U router by Conrad Yeo from Singapore.

Project Siren - The mod of a ROG enthusiast.

The custom mod is themed after ASUS Republic of Gamers. Instead of the usual black and white of ROG, the modder has decided to go with red and white.  

We saw significant change from the actual look of an RT-AC68U. The repaint give the router a fresh new look while yet still retains the elegance of the stock RT-AC68U. As seen in the image above, the ROG logo that was placed in front of the router is reflected on the red base front cover, adding depth to the whole design and adding the whole idea of ferocity to the whole design. 

A well combined red and white paint job makes the mod futuristic.

 More details are focused on at the back part of the router. The middle part of the router was given an additional ROG logo and also inscribed with the modder's initials.

All individual ports are all labelled and still remains singular to the ROG theme with the use of the ROG font.

Red rings on white antennas
Why can't stock antennas that are sold outside have such nicely designed antennas?

The final product from Conrad is magnificent. I am definitely looking forward to more mods coming from him in the future.

-- This Mod was made possible by ASUS Singapore.

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