Mysterious Power Banks - The truth unveiled

At The Tech Revolutionist, we like to uncover the truth about things. That includes our phony Power Bank that claims to provide 50000mAh. These power banks are usually sold off popular online shopping sites at dirt cheap prices for outrageous power capacities.

There are a few models available, but surprisingly, the 20000mAh model and 50000mAh model looks suspiciously identical. How could it be possible that a power bank of 2.5X the capacity remain the same size? Is it a pure marketing gimmick, simple typo error or that the manufacturer simply wants to mislead the customers? We have no idea.

Now because we are good people, we shall not damage the company which makes these power banks but through this we hope they can realize their mistake.

We can only find out what's inside these power banks only by opening them up. This way, we can justify if these rated 50,000mAH batteries are really what they claim to be. Just by the looks of it, we know that these non-branded made in china batteries won't be reliable and are most likely fake, but to give them justice, we shall take a look at the interior.

Here's the truth. This company has indeed actual battery cells installed inside the housing. We were expecting items like useless metals/sandbags/rocks to be found inside like many other fake power banks. Okay... Maybe this company is more ethical than what we actually thought they are. But 50,000mAh? Are you sure?

There were no indicators as to what charge capacity each single cell was providing.

Now let's do a comparison with the well-known Xiaomi Power Bank.

Judging by the looks of the cells used in Xiaomi power banks which looks similar in size, we assume that the cells used in both this mysterious power bank and Xiaomi power bank are targeted for the same specifications. Of course, quality of these cells differ largely as Xiaomi power banks uses well-known LG and Samsung cells. The cells used in the unknown power bank? As unknown as how it is.

Looking at their power design of the Xiaomi power bank, there are 4 power cells providing a total of 10400mAh. This would mean that each cell provides 2600mAh of charging capacity.
If Mr.MadeInChina power bank was using the same type of battery cells, it would only be providing 15600mAh of power! In order to have 50000mAh as stated on their product, each cell would need to provide 8333mAh! Largely not possible by the technology we have readily available now.

Furthermore, upon further research, the highest powered battery cell that we found on the internet of the same size is only 3300mAh.

And thus Revolutionists, please learn from us and buy your power banks after careful considerations to avoid burning a pointless hole in your wallet. Ultimately,

Don't buy power banks from unknown/unreliable places. 

They are potential hazards and may damage your phone. Besides, you're not even paying for what you are actually getting. Brands like Energizer, Xiaomi, Sony are probably good brands to look out for.

Written by waytodusk and edited by yzuke

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