Probably the best Bluetooth Speakers so far - Logitech X300


2014 is probably the year which we've seen an influx of portable bluetooth speakers. At The Tech Revolutionist, we've tested quite a number of bluetooth speakers from different brands and have mixed feelings over the industry's offerings. In the search of the ultimate bluetooth speakers that the average joe will buy, we came across the new Logitech X300. Never did we know that humble bluetooth speakers is the answer to the missing piece in our heart.

Usually, we'll put our conclusion of a product review at the end of the article. However, as we could not contain our excitement for the Logitech X300, we are going to just state what makes this set of speakers so good here. In order of importance and excitement, they are

1) Superb audio quality - Beats any other bluetooth speakers of its size hands down

You will be amazed by the audio performance of the Logitech X300. Even though it is small in size, it is able to produce audio that is far louder than any other speakers in the same class. Additionally, in terms of audio quality, bass was taut and trebles were crisp, much suited to my own preference.  Voice was also clear, making this set of speakers an all rounder. It's difficult to explain the experience I have with the speakers in an article, but if you have the chance to test this set of speakers in shops or even to purchase it, you will most likely fall in love with it.

Accepts bluetooth, 3.5mm audio input. Charges with a MicroUSB cable

2) Highly portable - Lightweight and good battery life

The Logitech X300 weighs a mere  0.335kg and is compact, making it one of the most portable mobile bluetooth speakers on the market. Under our test, we were able to play audio continuously for about 5.5hours on a full charge. Although it could be better if it had a longer battery life, but we felt that such battery life is justifiable for the loudness of the audio that comes out from it.

3) Setting up is as easy as 123

Within the package comes a simple quick start pictorial guide. We found this guide to be quite useless as the product itself is extremely usable and a no brainer to operate. Simply switch on the speakers with the power button and then pair it with the bluetooth device. To pick or hang up a call, simply use the middle bluetooth button. Logitech X300 is made minimalistically and operating it was very straightforward. There are no unknown buttons to learn from. The Logitech X300 just works.

3 buttons : Volume up, Volume down and Bluetooth

4) Unique design with 3 colours to choose from

It can be seen that much thoughts are put into the design of the Logitech X300 speakers. Other than unique colour combination that fits the speakers in different environments, the speaker is designed with an anti-slip material on its bottom. This means that you can safely put the speakers on your car's dashboard without the need to worry of it slipping away when you apply your brakes. These are the small things that make the speaker so special and reviewers like us to recommend to everyone.




5) Best bang for the buck

How much would you pay for such an high end portable speaker? $200? $300? The Logitech X300 retails at an affordable SGD99. Probably something I would look out for as a Christmas present for 2014.

What are you waiting for? A set bluetooth speakers that is powerful in performance, highly portable, easy to use and at the same time so affordable. It is simply irresistible. Moreover, you still have a choice to choose between 3 colours. Time to head down to the nearest IT shop near you and give the Logitech X300 a try.

Highly Recommended.

"P.S. Dear Logitech. Can I keep this set of speakers for my own usage PLEASSEE??? If not I'll buy a set as well. Black please!"

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Dolphin said...
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Dolphin said...

vouch for the logistic. I am also using these and works really great all time. Very small in size, loud sound and easy to use.