ASUS X99 series OC Socket

Just to share with you the story behind ASUS OC Socket technology.

In the past (10 years ago), motherboards performance between each brand is very significant because all motherboard manufacturers will try their best to push and unlock the performance of the processor with their motherboard so that people will buy their motherboard.

However, this result in de-valuation of Intel processor, which mean people can just buy a cheaper processor and overclock it to achieve higher performance at a lower price. So, Intel decided to locked the CPU potential so that people will pay more for buy their processor (cost of making 1 processor for i3, i5, i7 is about the same, but the margin is different because they can sell higher price for i7 compare to i3).

This results in motherboard the locking up of actual motherboard performance, leading to similar motherboard performance between each brand. Actual performance of motherboard performance differences probably will take up less than 5%

So this time round, ASUS invented and came out with a breakthrough technology. By tweaking on the LGA 2011 socket, adding more pins (a lot more) to improve performance and to unlock the potential of the CPU. ASUS believes that this move will attract a lot of competitors follow their footsteps.

Currently all other ASUS competitors X99 motherboards do not have any of such features. Here are the performance differences with ASUS X99 OC Socket feature.

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