SINGAPORE, SEPT 2014 - Local brand PixePlay is primed to take Singapore’s home entertainment market by storm,with the release of her latest KURO TV. Encompassing the Holy Trinity of home entertainment - live TV (via DVB-T2),online streaming, media playback - KURO TV could well be the one device to do it all many of us were hoping for, aimed at reducing TV console clutter with having excessive media devices.

KURO TV comes at a perfect time, now that local television broadcaster MediaCorp’s rollout of DVB-T2 Digital HD broadcasting is well under way. With its built-in v1.3.1 DVB-T2 demodulator, 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB Internal Flash, the KURO TV is optimised for Singapore and South East Asian countries.

Offered in luxe matte black, the KURO TV gives a warmer, more inviting look than its glossier, sharper counterpart.

Up top, a silkscreen of KURO TV is innocuously positioned in the centre, black on black, to complete its soft,welcoming feel. Current KURO fans will take comfort knowing the KURO TV’s Android User Interface (UI) is modelled after it’s predecessor - the wildly successful KURO Smart Player. Simple, clear-cut design takes centre-stage here,as the focus on user experience is apparent, even to the uninitiated. Navigation is simple and intuitive with every function available on the bundled IR remote.

Showcasing as the one device to do it all, KURO TV comes ready to receive and record live TV via DVB-T2 broadcast technology. Recording is accomplished through connected USB storage devices in TS format, allowing users to record all information present in the channel. For instance, in layman terms, this means users can record a show with subtitles turned off, while still having the option to turn them back on during playback.

Channel listings are presented along with an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), activated by pressing the EPG button on your remote. Tuning in to live TV, users can switch audio tracks for dual-sound programs, or choose their preferred subtitles with the touch of a button. Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) support is built-in for the extra oomph when coupled with a home theatre system for 5.1 Surround Sound.

Popular Android streaming apps like YouTube and Toggle run flawlessly on the KURO TV, opening up a plethora of international content to the selection. KURO TV comes ready with Google Play Store and with a Google account, users can search and install apps. Users can choose between USB or Network streaming for media playback via NAS, and popular formats like MKV, BD-ISO, MP4, FLAC etc are supported.

Shipping together with the KURO TV is an AV cable, HDMI cable, power adaptor, antenna, IR Remote, batteries and user guide. KURO TV is available from Sept 2014 with a recommended retail price of $179.

For more details, drop byour showroom at Sim Lim Square #05-79, or visit us at www.pixeplay.com.

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