Take Your Music with You with the New Range of Wireless Speakers from Sony

(SINGAPORE, 11 September 2014) – Sony has expanded its wireless speaker line-up with the new SRS-X3, SRS-X2 and SRS-X1 Ultra-compact Wireless Speakers. Sporting an ultra-portable design that allows users to bring their music along wherever they go, the new speakers can be used either inside a home or outside in the great outdoors.

Despite its petite size, uncompromising sound is guaranteed by utilising precise engineering, design and technologies unique to Sony. In addition, the SRS-X3 and SRS-X2 encompass Virtual Surround Sound, which can be activated when the speakers are switched to Sound Mode, delivering a more impressive, wider sound stage.

Supporting both Bluetooth® and Near Field Communication (NFC), the speakers lets you stream your favourite tunes from a compatible smartphone or tablet. You can even take calls hands-free using the built-in microphone. With a battery life ranging from five to twelve hours, the music can go on for as long as your party lasts. And even after that, simply charge it via USB to keep the music going longer.

Featuring a sleek and signature “Definitive Outline” design, the frame of the SRS-X3 consists of 12 outlines around its square form to create the most suitable sound wave and blends into any living space for a chic and sophisticated look. Despite its square compact size, the SRS-X3 delivers impactful bass with two full range 20W speakers and two passive radiators located at the front and back of the device for an efficient speaker layout. Furthermore, you can relish in precise high-quality sound and brilliant clarity as it features ClearAudio+ technology unique to Sony, bringing together the expertise in digital signal processing technologies that Sony has cultivated over the years.

The SRS-X2 comes in a rugged versatile design so you can listen to your favourite tunes even when you are out in the wild. This device is small enough to fit in your hand but powerful enough to create remarkable sound pressure. Similar to SRS-X3, it also comes with ClearAudio+ mode, eliminating the need for tedious fine-tuning by optimising the sound settings based on Sony’s audio expertise. Added with a frequency response of up to 20kHz, the SRS-X2 is able to beautifully reproduce high notes in a compact and light body.

The SRS-X1 Wireless Speaker is designed to be waterproof and has an IPX7 / IPX5[1] rating, so you never have to worry about contacting water while you enjoy singing in the shower. To double up the volume and create the perfect audio ambience, two speakers can be paired while in stereo mode. Available in black, pink, purple and white, you can choose from an array of colours that best reflect your personality and style.

The SRS-X3, SRS-X2 and SRS-X1 Ultra-compact Wireless Speakers from Sony will be available in Singapore at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from mid-September 2014.

Specifications Sheet
Dimension (WHD) (Approx.) (mm)
Weight (Approx.)
Battery Life (Bluetooth Connection) (Approx.)
12 Hours
5 Hours
7 Hours
Radio Frequency
2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz – 2.4835 GHz)
Speaker’s Frequency Range
80 – 15,000 Hz
100 – 20,000 Hz
60 – 16,000 Hz
Speaker’s Enclosure Type
Passive Radiator
Passive Radiator
Amplifier’s Maximum Output Power[2]
10W x 2
Bluetooth Maximum Communication Range
Line of sight Approx. 10m

[1] IPX7 (Degree of protection against water immersion): Water will not enter the system and it will remain functional even if the system is gently immersed in a tank of tap water (static water) at a normal temperature at a depth of 1 meter for approx. 30 minutes
IPX5 (Degree of protection against jets of water): The system has been tested and found to remain functional after exposure to direct jet streams of water using a nozzle of 6.3mm internal diameter from any direction where approximately 12.5 L/min of water is applied for a period of more than 3 minutes from a distance of about 3 meters.
Liquids that the waterproof performance specifications apply to: fresh water, tap water, sweat. They are not applicable to liquids other than the above (soapy water, pool water, seawater, etc.)
[2] SRS-X3: Using USB AC adaptor or using battery
SRS-X2: Using USB AC adaptor and battery
SRS-X1: Using USB power supply

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