ASUS launches a slew of IT products for Home and Gaming

Last week, ASUS reintroduced a great lineup of products for this quarter of the year. These products serve as the newest innovation to our market from their brand, showing ASUS's continued efforts on using technology to change and improve our lifestyles. Without further ado, let's take a look at what they have got to offer us. 

PC Components and Audio

The two newest bad boys in the house are none other than than the two Republic of Gamers branded motherboard and graphics card. The ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard is the new X99 motherboard that is geared up and prepared for extreme sub 0 degree conditions, ready to break world benchmark records. On the other hand, The GTX980 STRIX is also a custom GTX980 graphics card that is made much cooler and silent than the standard GTX980 for gamers who want to have the fullest in their games. 

If you are looking for an extremly compact and small solution, the ASUS Q87T motherboard could be the right choice. This mini-itx motherboard is a budget oriented motherboard that aims to entice first time small form factor PC builders.

Additionally, ASUS also has their H81I-PLUS motherboard, another no-frills motherboard for the mainstream builder.

At the H97 end, there is the H97I-PLUS motherboard that supports the latest H97 features.

ASUS has got a new line of STRIX gaming accessories branding that promises the best gaming experience. The STRIX DSP Gaming Headset is one built to perform. With "Thunderous 60mm Drivers" and Environmental Noise Cancellation, it is sure to enhance your performance in games.

 ASUS also showcased their mainstream gaming oriented motherboard, the B85-PRO Gamer, which makes gaming motherboard now affordable for all.

Small Form Factor PCs

As technology improves, we see computers getting smaller. Much of the focus on the event was also on small form factor computers.

ASUS Chromebox CN60 is a power efficient ChromeOS desktop that is highly affordable and good for those who just wants a simple PC to watch YouTube and surf the web. This simple computer does what it is made for well and could be a great choice as a home media device. 

At a higher end side, the VivoPC VM62N and VC60V is an all-rounder with an Intel Core i3 processor that is coupled with NVIDIA 820M graphics chip that runs together with the Intel Graphics processor thanks to NVIDIA Optimus technology. 

VivoPC VM42N is another lower end model that makes simple desktop computing affordable and available to all. I believe that is also a good choice as a home theatre PC, if it is connected to a TV. 

Did you know, these VivoPCs can be mounted at the back of the monitors that has a VESA mount? This makes your desktop table management less cluttered and more organized.


Of course, we can never forget about the new RT-AC87U Wireless AC router that breaks the speed barrier of usual AC wireless. This new router theoretically can reach speeds of up to 2.3Gbps


The MB168B+ is an USB powered Full-HD 15.6 inch display. This is invented just because #twoscreensarebetterthanon . It is portable and easy to bring around. Could be useful especially for those who wants to have the convenience of two screen for their spreadsheets for cross reference of documents etc.

VX238H monitor is a simple Full-HD 23inch LED display.

Last but not least, ASUS has got their new STRIX claw mouse and STRIX Gaming mouse pad to ensure that you're covered totally for the next gaming mission, ready to frag the enemy.

With so many products to choose from, I'm sure you should have an idea of what to buy for Christmas now.

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