Connected Watch - A look at COGITO POP watch


With the growing popularity of smart wearable devices, we've seen multiple new smartwatch products emerging the market. While the market is still relatively immature, many are entering to gain that first/second move advantage. Competing with the popular Android wear smartwatches, COGITO has a new alternative that bridges traditional watches with the future smart devices.

The COGITO POP is a bluetooth connected traditional analog watch that is compatible with Android 4.3 (and later) and iOS platforms. It is targeted to trendy youngster with it being available in many colours - There is definitely one that suits your style. Instead of wearing a future smartwatch that may look big and ugly, why not take a look at the COGITO POP. If simple notification alerts are what you need, this could be what you've been looking for all along. Read on to find out more.


The COGITO POP is a traditional watch at heart. This means that it still has the usual analog watchface rather than a LCD screen like many other smartwatches on the market. It will be suitable for the cool geek wannabe who seeks tech recognition, but yet wants to remain trendy with a normal looking watch.

We managed to get our hands on the black COGITO POP which suits my style most. The fact that it is black makes it pair up with any kind of clothes easily. It's reflective clock face five the whole watch and elegant touch and yet still classy and sporty. It's a watch for any occasion.

My Experience

After a few days playing with the COGITO POP, here are my general sentiments.

Setting up
Setting up and connecting the watch to your smartphone is fairly simple, but not user friendly. I found a need to take out the quick start guide and follow the instructions. If usability was a main focus of the designer, one can probably set up the watch without any instructions. Additionally, many  Android based phones are not compatible with the COGITO POP as the manufacturers has specifically made it available only on specific device.

Day to day use
It was extremely convenient now that I can see my notification alerts directly from my watch. I will never forget about a notification every again. However, Beeps and vibration from the watch can be annoying at times when the wearer has a lot of notifications coming in. Personally, I liked the "mute incoming calls" feature the most. I can simply press one of the buttons on the watch to mute incoming calls and I found it extremely useful when I'm in a meeting, etc. Probably, many more features can be integrated with the COGITO POP to make it more usable.

Others / Conclusion
Unlike many smartwatches with only full day batterylife, COGITO POP has a battery that lasts a lifetime. This is probably something that no other smartwatch can compare. We must understand that COGITO POP is really more of a watch than a smart device. Notification alert features are welcomed but features such as as music player control and remote camera shutter feature is really what makes COGITO POP unique. Essentially, COGITO POP will win the hearts of many buyers because of its aesthetics.

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