3C Shopping at Guang Hua Digital Plaza in Taipei

I had a chance to visit Taipei late last year during my holidays. While my friends all went shopping around random places in the city, the inner geeky me guided me to Guang Hua Digital Plaza to take a look at the different computer hardware/software/games/etc that's up for sale. Comparing to our own Sim Lim Square as well as a previous year's Wan Chai Computer Centre at Hong Kong, here are my thoughts about the place.

In Taipei, they call anything related to computers as 3C items. This friendly term in fact refers to Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics. When mentioning about a 3C mall, most people on the streets will probably refer you to Guang Hua Digital Plaza. Guang Hua Digital Plaza can be easily reached by taking the public subway trains. It will take you 5 minutes to walk from Zhongxiao Xinsheng subway station to the Digital Plaza.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Level 1 

The digital mall is well organized into difference levels selling different types of items. Even though the mall is organized in a certain way, the shops may not follow the categorization methods. You can find different types of shops at different levels, but there is indeed a certain pattern to where majority of a certain item is being sold at. For example, at the first level, we can see most of the laptops being showcased and sold. Level 1 is dedicated to the sales of laptop, but laptops can also be seen sold in level 2 and 3 as well. Level 1 is also the home to the mall's own food court and rest area, where shopkeepers and shoppers can have their meals.

Level 2,3,4,5

On level 2,3,4,5 is probably where everything is well mixed around. We can see all kinds of shops similar to those in Sim Lim Square. 

Here is a shop selling audio products and games for different platforms. 

Laptops and tablet devices are also sold on the other levels of the mall. 

Of course, we can always see the famous price list that is available in all PC malls across asia. We have them in our Sim Lim Square, we can also see them in Guang Hua Digital Plaza. Honestly speaking, Guang Hua Digital Plaza looks a lot more like our own SLS. 

Of course, DIY shops are also prominent in Guang Hua. 

Level 6

Level 6 is where all the difference service centers are located. I found this consolidated are to be great, as it is the de facto place to get all 3C items fixed. 

Spotted here are various well known brands such as Western Digital, Kingston and even Razer. It is a pity that we only have the distributor dealing with return merchandises from Razer and not a direct Razer service center. 

Of course, there general repair shops can also be found here. Above is a shop that deals with data recovery. Laptop/Desktop/etc repair shops are also found across this level and even other levels.


After an hour exploring the area, I had to conclude that I really enjoyed my trip here. Even though I went at an ungodly hour of 10am, most of the shops were already open. It was quite to my surprise that the mall did not have as many visitors as expected. Nonetheless, there are a great variety of items found here and it should meet the requirements of the average geek.

As comparing to our malls, I found Guang Hua Digital Plaza to be better lit. The shops are brighter and it seemed to be newer compared to our own SLS. Definitely better compared to Wan Chai Computer Centre in Hong Kong.

I got to say that there isn't much different comparing Guang Hua Digital Plaza and Sim Lim Square. What really made me excited was the street right at the back of the Plaza. Along the streets leading from the subway station to the mall are shop houses which also sells various 3C products. Those shops looked a lot friendlier and unique. It could be a more exotic experience for a tourist along that street if he wanted to look around for 3C products. I should probably spend more time at that street on my next trip to Taiwan.

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