Microsoft will still support Windows RT

As Microsoft Surface 2 and Lumia 2520 tablet stopped their production, may have though that Microsoft will ditch Windows RT for Windows 10. If not, they may only be releasing a less featured Windows 10 for the RT platforms. However, based on the latest words from Microsoft, it seems that Microsoft will still continue to support all RT platforms. According to Geek Wire, even though Microsoft has stopped their tablet manufacturing process, they are still working hard on the software part of the game.

A spokesperson from Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft has been upgrading their Windows RT operating system and will be releasing more news about it in the near future. This is also supported by Terry Myserson, Executive VP of Microsoft OS,  who talked about Windows RT on 21st January at the launch of Windows 10. Windows 10 will still be supporting the platforms that runs on the ARM processor architecture. This includes all ARM tablets, smartphone as well as phablets.

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