OCZ ARC 100 SSD Performance Review

Not too long ago, OCZ released their latest value oriented SSD for the budget conscious consumers. Of course, these users will want to get the most out of their buck. Competitively priced at a affordable price point, will the OCZ ARC 100 be worth the purchase? In this article, we will focus on testing a 240GB OCZ ARC 100 and let the results help you decide with your next SSD purchase.

A look at OCZ ARC 100

Sequential Reads1475 MB/s480 MB/s490 MB/s
Sequential Writes1395 MB/s430 MB/s450 MB/s
Random Read Speed
(4KB, QD32)2
75,000 IOPS75,000 IOPS75,000 IOPS
Random Write Speed
(4KB, QD32)2
80,000 IOPS80,000 IOPS80,000 IOPS
Steady-State Random Write Speed (4KB, QD32)312,000 IOPS18,000 IOPS20,000 IOPS
As compared to the high end models in the market, the OCZ ARC 100 can barely reach speeds of 500MB/s. This is due to the more budget friendly hardware that is within this SSD. The OCZ ARC 100 uses uses an INDILINX Barefoot 3 M10 SATA 6Gbps controller together with 16 modules of 16GB 19nm Toshiba Toggle NAND flash memory.


Motherboard : ASUS Maximus VI Gene
CPU : Intel Core i7 4770K
Memory : Avexir Core 2 x 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
Graphics Card : ASUS Radeon HD7790 Direct Cu II OC Graphics Card
PSU : Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W PSU




Anvil Storage Utilities


In terms of performance, OCZ ARC 100 definitely performs as what its specifications states. Based on the ATTO Disk benchmark, this SSD was able to perform at a maximum speed of 494.8MB/s read and 431.9/s write speed. On the other tests, the SSD showed consistent speeds of over 400MB/s for all sequential read and write tests. The 4k size transfer test results also showed that the drive was able to handle write speeds of over 100MB/s but read speed was rather weak hovering around 20MB/s.

The number one reason to get your hands on the OCZ ARC 100 SSD is its price. The OCZ ARC 100 240GB retails at a price of $159 dollars, which is a hot favourite within the PC builders in Singapore. At this price, we also have the Crucial MX100 SSD whose performance cannot be compared to the ARC 100. The ARC 100 is therefore the best value SSD out in the market right now. For its good value for money and mainstream SSD performance that would not disappoint anyone who is upgrading from a hard drive, we will definitely recommend the OCZ ARC 100 SSD

The OCZ ARC 100 is available in 480GB and 120GB capacities as well and they retail at a price of $329 and $99 respectively. This can be purchased locally at all retail PC shops, and also at BanLeong's eStore. http://banleong.com/sg/ocz-arc-100-240g-7mm-sata-3-25-ssd?t=1#.VOMLe_mUfSk

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