Seagate's 8TB Hard Drive begins its sales in Japan

Seagate's new 8TB hard drive has just reached the shops in Akihabara. This hard drive has a model number of ST8000AS0002 and in fact is a great choice for archiving of data. Judging from the price of this model at 37,585 JPY which is about 430 SGD, it is in fact very wallet friendly and could be a great choice for people who stores a lot of data.

The 8TB archive hard drive has been scheduled to be released on next friday on the 13th of February. It seems that this model has arrived a week early instead.

Another 8TB drive by the model number of HUH728080ALE600 from HGST (Hitachi)which utilizes a helium technology costs about 70,000 JPY. The Seagate alternative is almost half the price of what HGST is offering.

Seagate has also stated that they are targeting this hard drive for the enterprise users. This means that this is in fact a enterprise grade hard drive, aimed for better reliability and longevity. The platters are made with SMR technology (Shingled Magnetic Recording,), which allows a single platter to hold 1.33TB.

Other specifications of the drive are as follows :
128MB Cache
Average Read : 150MB/s
Average Write : 150MB/s
Maximum Sequential R/W Speed : 190MB/s
Power Consumption : 7.5W during operation, 5W standby, less than 1W in sleep
Dimensions :26.11 x 101.6 x 146.99 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight: 780g

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