40th Anniversary of Epson Brand Sees Technology Giant At Number 1 Again For Home & Business Projectors

40th Anniversary of Epson Brand Sees Technology Giant At Number 1 Again For Home & Business Projectors

Singapore, 31 March 2015 – On the 40th Anniversary of the brand’s creation, Epson, the world leader in projectors, has once again been named the world’s number one projector brand. This is the 14th year in a row that Epson has received this accolade.

This is according to the latest results for 2014 released by projector market research firm, Futuresource Consulting. Over the past 14 years, Epson has shown consistent steady growth in market share, year-on-year, increasing to 29.4% market share in 2014, over 28.1% in 2013. This means that almost one-in-three projectors purchased in 2014 was an Epson projector.

Globally, the sales of Epson projectors was, in fact, so strong that the combined sales volumes of the second, third and fourth ranked projector brands did not match that of Epson’s projector sales volume, which was in excess of 2 million units.

The projector giant has also hit another milestone in 2015, according to Futuresource Consulting’s research data, with the announcement that Epson has held the number one market share position in Dedicated Home Cinema Projectors for the past 10 years. Epson first achieved the number one status in 2005 and has held onto that position for the past decade, showing consistent growth over that time to reach 36.3% market share in 2014.

“2015 is a very special year for us. Not only are we celebrating our 40th Anniversary as a brand, but we are also celebrating our achievement in the projector market,” says Koichi Endo, Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia. “We have successfully made projectors more collaborative and interactive. It is no longer simply about projecting, but more about engaging with your audience. There is so much more you can do with projectors now and we want to ensure that our projectors exceed our customer’s expectations.”

The strength of Epson’s projectors – which has led to the past 14 years of being named World’s Number One Projector Brand – lies in the revolutionary 3LCD technology. First introduced in 1989, Epson’s 3LCD technology creates astoundingly beautiful images in bright, natural colour without dither noise or colour breakup. 3LCD projectors are also gentler on the eyes and offer smoother video playback, as they utilize three separate liquid crystal panels to form a continuous image containing all colours.

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