The all-new title of the VERSUS series, “SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS - Shoujotachi no Sentaku -” Traditional Chinese version, confirmed for this summer!!

Summer with the most breasts is about to begin.
The all-new title of the VERSUS series
highly anticipated by the gentlemen in Asia,
“SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS - Shoujotachi no Sentaku -”
Traditional Chinese version, confirmed for this summer!!

Singapore, 16th March 2015 Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) Singapore Branch confirmed today that there will be a Traditional Chinese version for the PlayStation®4(PS4) and the PlayStation®Vita(PS Vita) software “SENRAN KAGURAESTIVAL VERSUS Shoujotachi no Sentaku -”.   


It is a sexy action game portraying the youth and the intensive hot battles of the ninja girls. This sexy hyper battle will be one of a kind! The girls will transform and destroy each other’s costumes!

What is the VERSUS series?
It is a new series developed on the PlayStation consoles.
In the previous title “SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS - Shoujotachi no Shoumei -”, the ninja girls from the ninja academies participate in the Gaku-en festival with the survival of their academies on the line. The academies include the 4 powerhouses, which are the Gessen Academy, the Hebijo Academy, the Hanzou Academy and the Crimson Squad.   

About SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS -Shoujotachi no Sentaku-
It is the sequel with the story days after the previous title “SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS Shoujotachi no Shoumei”.

■Game Summary
The game will have the best graphic ever in the series! The sexy hyper battle festival with the most supreme breasts is about to start!

Beautiful! Cute! Refreshing! The utmost sexy fantasy is about to get realized on the next generation console! There will be gorgeous intensive 3D actions with breast bounds freely fly about the space!

It’s summer! The sea! The swimsuits! The festival!
The story and actions will take place during the “Kagura Thousand-Year Festival”.
There will be more strategic characteristics involved!

New characters to meet along the way!
There will be the most playable characters among the series!

■Dressing Room
The dressing room has further evolved with new costumes! There will be “all-new” designs!
The dressing room that players can enjoy changing the costumes and communicating with the girls has powered up! Besides the newly added costumes, costumes from the previous title will all have renewed designs too!

■Network Function
The network versus mode and the cooperative play have powered up too!
Enjoy the most out of the breast actions with the unique versus mode rule which you can only get from SENRAN KAGURA!

     Point Battle
Players will earn points as they use specific attacks or defeat the opponents.
The player who earns a specific amount of points first or earns the most points when the fight is over will win.

     Battle Gathering Panties
Players will need to gather dropped panties for this battle, so keep an eye on it since it will be dropped by attacking or defeating the opponents. The player who earns a specific amount of panties first or earns the most panties when the fight is over will win.

     Capture the Bra Flag
The number of bras with the flag will increase as you pick up the only one “Bra Flag” at the stage and defeat the opponents. Keep in mind that although the player will become stronger by having the flag, the flag will drop if the player gets defeated. The player who earns a specific number of bras with the flag first or holds the most bras when the fight is over will win.


■Product Information

Product Name
(Japanese Version)
(Traditional Chinese Version)
Sexy Hyper Battle
Sexy Hyper Battle
Release Date
March 26, 2015
Summer 2015
PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®Vita
PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®Vita
Marvelous Inc.
Marvelous Inc.
Number of Players
PlayStation®4: 1~10 / PlayStation®Vita: 1~4
PlayStation®4: 1~10 / PlayStation®Vita: 1~4
Traditional Chinese
Limited Version
PS4™: SGD139.90 / PS Vita: SGD109.90

Regular Version
(Blu-Ray Version) PS4™: SGD79.90 / PS Vita: SGD69.90
(Download Version) PS4™: SGD71.90 / PS Vita: SGD62.90
©2015 Marvelous Inc.
©2015 Marvelous Inc.

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